Ransomware – unsolvable problem. Or is it?

Ransomware – unsolvable problem. Or is it?


Constant and fast phased changes and progress in digital environments can offer some new and unexpected improvements, but not all are good. The internet expansion in business sector brought higher risks from cyber attacks with viruses, worms, trojans, spams, ddos attacks, data theft, exploits and so on. The most devastating form of attack is cryptolocker ransomware. One wrong click on the internet or even in mail leads to all your data being locked. This makes locked data unless you buyout a key from blackmailer(s) in order to remove cryptolock from files.

By implementing safety measures, it is possible to reduce the risk from cyber-attacks. Some of them are:

  • Defining security policies of business digital environment
  • Educating employees about forms and methods of cyber attackers and paths of malware into the system, and how to recognize and avoid risks
  • Utilizing effective anti-ransomware software on all computers with access to internet
  • Defining backup policies of business data
  • Regular and professional utilization of quality backups and snapshots solutions
  • Regular backup integrity checkup
  • Utilizing CDP (Continuous Data Protection) technologies in case of need for restauration of data prior to attack

Many of these measures can be implemented by in-house method or by choosing monthly Managed IT service. Whatever the case might be, company employees and management can focus on business at its full focus, without the need of concerning about system management and maintenance only by implementing preventive measures.

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