Highly available storage

In the technical sense, storage devices are essential components of the IT system on which company data is stored. In the financial sense, the total price of the storage subsystem represents a large part of the entire IT budget.

Storage technologies and services directly affect the efficient operation, as they can enable uninterrupted operation even in equipment and software failures. Unwanted downtime causes direct and indirect material damage as well as damage to the reputation of companies. The application of quality storage technologies in combination with server virtualisation technologies reduces the probability of downtime. In cases where downtime does occur, it provides quick and easy recovery and resumption of work.

Datatek offers the most advanced storage solutions suitable for all types of business needs and data usage scenarios: block/SAN, file/NAS and object. 

We usually offer storage solutions and services using the most modern and flexible Software Defined Storage technologies, which are stable and proven in practice and are characterised by top performance and functionality. 

Optimal application of modern storage technologies enables users to quickly and efficiently process large amounts of business data, constant insight into all-important business processes and initiatives and the ability to adapt to new business needs quickly.