Managed IT – what is it all about?

Do you need:

  • Reliable IT support (which is not a one-man band)?
  • Fast and dedicated IT support (no autoresponders)?
  • IT support that understands your needs, business and industry?

We cover:

  • Monitoring – 24/7/365 system monitoring and alarming for your entire infrastructure
  • Helpdesk – Effective interventions and resolving support requests (remotely or at your location, depending on the nature of the problem)
  • IT planning – Periodic review of business needs and available IT solutions following the budget
  • Communication with IT vendors – communication with all other IT providers and vendors on your behalf

You get:

  • Reliable, professional, and dedicated IT team
  • Fixed monthly costs that make budgeting easier
  • Reports on a regular basis to give insight into what is happening in your system
  • Reduced downtime due to proactive monitoring and maintenance
  • Peace of mind regarding all IT related topics