Managed backup

No matter how many layers of protection we have in the system, they never absolutely protect the data. Therefore, having that in mind, we introduce backup copies of data to bring the protection percentage close to max.

However, for data backups to be useful, if they are ever really needed, we have to approach this area thoroughly:

  • We choose the optimal backup software

  • We define the backup procedure

  • We defend against backup media failure

  • We defend against involuntary human mistakes

  • We protect the infrastructure on which the backup is based

  • We regularly check the execution of the backup procedure

  • We periodically test data restoration

It is now clear that backup is not a one-time project where we introduce a solution and have no more worries, but a constant process that must be dealt with continuously. We can offer to do it for you, so you can relax and have peace of mind knowing that you have a backup that you can rely on.