Complete system monitoring

The most important difference between traditional computer system maintenance and Managed IT service is the continuous monitoring of the entire system throughout its components (workstations, servers, network devices, storage devices). Monitoring is done systematically, using modern software tools with built-in automatic notifiers if any problem is detected. This allowed us to detect malfunctions in the system that some of our users were unaware of and solved them accordingly.

In addition to continuous system monitoring, it is also necessary to have daily insight into the system and active services, such as backup, and a weekly insight into the status of all network devices. Our engineers do this part, and for now, we would not change them for any software. Furthermore, it is good practice to conduct a condition survey and vulnerability analysis once a year to obtain recommendations for improving system protection.

Supervision of the entire system is a basic component of the portfolio for Managed IT services, and others are upgraded to it as needed: Managed backup, Managed security, Helpdesk, IT planning, Communication with IT suppliers, etc.

It is clear now why our clients feel at ease – because they know that someone cares about their computer system.