Allowing employees to work from any location has always been useful and convenient. But the recent period has shown that the possibility of working from home divides companies or their IT sectors into two groups – outdated or contemporary. 

Many solutions enable work from a remote location, but to say that such a solution is also professional, the remote work environment must be comfortable and safe. These are the main features of the application and desktop virtualisation technology that are the backbone of the FlexWork concept.

From 2005 until today, application and desktop virtualisation projects have been among our favourites. Through them, the most important goals that every IT sector should strive for are realised: simpler introduction and maintenance of applications and systems, centralisation of data, better use of equipment, excellent user experience; The clients that asked for their systems to be upgraded in this way belong to various industries and are of multiple sizes, from banks and corporations to small manufacturing companies and schools.  

Depending on the needs, we implement these projects using solutions from Parallels, Citrix, Awingu or vCloudPoint.