IT security

Practically all our projects indirectly raise data security to a higher level. However, there are also projects where the improvement of protection is the primary goal.

On the other hand, although we claim that the protection of computer systems must be a continuous process that lasts as long as the business, the implementation of specific protection mechanisms and solutions must be treated as projects.

Most often these are the projects for implementing the Next Generation Firewall devices that protect the computer network in client’s systems. Of course, we first plan all the necessary settings in agreement with the client. After this basic level of protection is implemented, the client often opts for another type of protection, such as e-mail protection, employee training, or a secure wireless network.

Another vital segment of security projects is backup. We start by analysing the client’s needs and specifics to reach the optimal technology. The most critical step is defining the Backup Policy that the client must approve and the implementation’s basis. This is followed by regular checks of backup procedures and occasional reviews of backup integrity. Sometimes the client performs them independently, and if there are not enough human resources in the IT team, we take over these essential activities.

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