It has been 8 years since our first installation of the DataCore system. Since then, we have introduced many of our clients to the world of reliable and highly available computer systems. Each installation was a unique project. For some users, this was part of a completely new system and the consolidation and improvement of the existing one for others. Each installation is, of course, done according to the procedures and recommendations of DataCore, which is necessary for later support on their part. Another necessary condition for the support of vendors is a certified engineer who performs the installation, and our team has continuously possessed these certificates ever since the beginning of the partnership

So, having in mind our extensive experience, it is time to define our internal procedure for DataCore installations to include everything necessary and related to such projects in the real-world examples – systems of our clients. We expect the procedure to help us and our future implementations to be even better and more accessible. On the other hand, systematisation of related activities will undoubtedly help us include additional technical team members in this area.

We are looking forward to our future DataCore projects!