We still notice from time to time that it is not clear to some of our new clients what the difference between a traditional and a Next-Generation firewall is. 


What is the difference?  

A traditional firewall is a network security device to protect the network from internal and external threats. Enables inspection of network traffic entering or leaving a point within the network based on state, port, and protocol. Simply put, a firewall generally controls the flow of traffic. Yes, it has VPN (Virtual Private Network) capabilities. Still, nowadays, traditional firewalls are not so effective as to offer complete protection to deal with the advanced cyber threats that may occur. 


Why do you need Next-Gen Firewall?  

More than ever-increasingly complex security threats are harming internal networks. Traditional firewalls prove ineffective in a virtualised environment where addresses and ports are assigned dynamically because they rely only on port/protocol protection. The next-Gen firewall can filter packets based on applications. These firewalls have comprehensive control and visibility of applications that they can identify by analysing and matching signatures.  


Why Next-Gen Firewall? 

The comprehensive features of Next-Gen firewalls create several benefits for the companies that use them. NGFWs block suspicious malware from entering the network, something that traditional firewalls are limited to. This solution can be an excellent option for companies that want to improve their fundamental security. Antivirus, firewalls and other security applications can be bundled into one solution. It can securely enable Internet applications that allow users to be more productive while simultaneously blocking suspicious applications. Thanks to their ability to receive regular updates from external hazard intelligence networks, Next-Gen firewalls can protect your company from several advanced threats. In addition, they offer a simplified security infrastructure that is easier to maintain, update and control.


What we suggest?

When we talk about Next Generation Firewalls our first choice is within the range of Fortinet solutions. The main reason being overall and all-rounded  functionality in one device. Additionally, Fortinet‘s product pallet covers all aspects of system protection while brand quality is well know, even in our, domestic, market. If you have reasons to believe that your system is not protected well enough, we will gladly offer our help. Schedule a free consultation!

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